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The Wild Wild East

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Download Wild Wild East Here:

The book, Wild Wild East is finally ready for download - well, the first 70 pages anyway - or you can read it from the comfort of your own screen right here:

Wild Wild East - An American memoir of uncommon circumstance

For those who are not fans of the
book-reading format, or it's just to damn small to read, download the standard view here:

Get me the big copy!

BLURB: (The publisher's sales pitch) Part memoir, part travelogue, part historical guide and part American business review, Wild Wild East follows the adventures of one businessman in his quest to have his creative life make sense. From an adoption agency in Manhattan to the board rooms of corporate America and then on to the far east, WWE weaves a story from 1995 through 2005 and beyond with flashbacks from the author's life that grow chronologically until they catch up with him in real time. Throughout the telling the author travels the globe through over 30 countries and the flashbacks occur every time he takes a trip, both before and after, usually when he is on a plane when there is plenty of time for reflection. In this way the story builds upon itself in both complexity and understanding from the reader as to why the central character makes the decisions he does and travels the roads of fortune or less fortune as the case unfolds.

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